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Welcome a COMUNIMÁS - Servicio global para hogares

administracion fincasThis service is the result of our innovative conceptions in the world of Community Administration. This evolution towards a new concept based on the Management of the Community, where, further from just administrating the Community, we become a management team with the client by our side, participating in the smooth running of the Community and providing our experience when it comes to making decisions in the best interest of the Community.

Developing this concept of Management in Administration has taken us to offer different levels of service according to the necessities and preferences of our clients, covering all the functions of a Community Administrator and positioning ourselves as the 'one stop solution’ that our clients can trust to intervene with all the different sectors that provide services to the Community.
We offer our exclusive 'unique provider' service to our clients which include all the services that are needed, so all your providers will be centralized.


This service is based on regular visits to the property to identify repairs or future issues due to deterioration and carrying out the necessary corrective actions to prevent and avoid other possible damage, as well as increasing the life span of the installations in your property.



We carry out the necessary repairs as well as resolving other issues such as damp, cracks, waterproofing issues, electrical and plumbing issues, whatever the cause. As well as whatever building improvements you require to adapt or refurbish your property



We know the importance of a apartment key especially if random door closing, loss of self set of keys. Our hide-service will provide the keys to real estate available and if needed we make partner if you have tenants.



Nuestra división de limpiezas le ofrece un servicio rápido y de calidad, adaptado a sus necesidades tanto en su vivienda o su comunidad. El uso continuado de las instalaciones, hace que se requiera una actuacion rápida y eficaz proporcionando así un ambiente más saludable y seguro.


Holiday Assistance

We also think that your holidays are important, so we offer you a wide range of services and solutions so that all you have to do when on holiday is enjoy your holiday home and don't have to worry about a thing.


Home Refuse Collection

We offer an innovating home collection service, as well as the disposal of old furniture, white goods, etc, where they are taken to the Council provided disposal areas, making it easy and clean both for individual properties and Communities


Legal Assessment

This includes questions on any legal aspect of owning a property in Spain, including taxes, tax deductions, insurances, litigations or any other issues, that can be addressed by our professional legal team. We can also represent you at Community Meetings or represent you for claims against your insurance company.


Energy Management

At COMUNIMAS we want to contribute to improving the energy management of your property and community. We can arrange for your Energy Certificate to be issued and also help you make savings in your energy usage and implement renewable energy services for your property or your community.

Los Paquetes de Servicios diseñados por COMUNIMÁS, son la mejor manera de mantener mi vivienda en perfecto estado, nos da tranquilidad y un servicio de calidad. Para cualquier necesidad contamos con COMUNIMÁS.
J.D.: Casares
Desde que contratamos los servicios de COMUNIMAS nuestra comunidad ha experimentado un gran cambio de mejoras y limpieza.
Carolina Garcia: Sabinillas
Muy agradecidos al equipo de trabajo de Comunimas por su constante trabajo y dedicación con nuestra comunidad.
Eric Willaims: Sabinillas
Gracias a COMUNIMAS tenemos las cuentas al dia y disponemos de informes claros y entendibles.
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