Welcome to Community Matters My name is Joni Burnett, I'm a Chartered Community Administrator and I've been managing communities on the Costa del Sol for over 10 years. I am English, however, I grew up in the beautiful white village of Casares, in Malaga, so I have the best of both worlds, being fully bilingual, enjoying the Spanish sun, and an incomprehensible addiction to proper English tea (very strong and no sugar please). Over the years I have found that the English speaking property owners in this region are increasing. Most of you have bought or are thinking of buying a property in Spain, however, the information on how properties are managed here and how services are provided is very limited. Basically properties usually belong to a community of Owners, these Communities function in a very specific way, and, like all else in Spain, are engulfed by never-ending Spanish legislation and burocracy.  LEER MÁS