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Welcome to Community Matters

My name is Joni Burnett, I'm a Chartered Community Administrator and I've been managing communities on the Costa del Sol for over 10 years. I am English, however, I grew up in the beautiful white village of Casares, in Malaga, so I have the best of both worlds, being fully bilingual, enjoying the Spanish sun, and an incomprehensible addiction to proper English tea (very strong and no sugar please).

Over the years I have found that the English speaking property owners in this region are increasing. Most of you have bought or are thinking of buying a property in Spain, however, the information on how properties are managed here and how services are provided is very limited. Basically properties usually belong to a community of Owners, these Communities function in a very specific way, and, like all else in Spain, are engulfed by never-ending Spanish legislation and burocracy. 

 The reason for writing this blog is so that you all have an English resorce to come to for answers to your questions, from the basic - why do I have to pay my community fees if my neighbour is a debtor?  who looks after my community, it is in desperate need of some TLC and no one is doing a thing, to: my AGM (annual general meeting) is coming up, do I want to stand as President for my community? what this entails, responsibilities, legal requirements, etc. 

I'll be writing regular articles in this blog on specific community issues, but if you would like me to answer any questions that you may have regarding your Communities, please email me and I'll help you out.

I also write articles for The Resident, A monthly newspaper serving the western Costa del Sol, and I'll publish a link to these on the blog.

So, happy reading to you all

Joni Burnett

Chartered Community Administrator 2447