COMUNIMÁS present at the “Curso de Perfeccionamiento en el Ejercicio de la Profesión. Francisco Liñán”.

On 11 and 12 November, property administrators have had an essential appointment for our training and professional recycling, with the ‘Curso de Perfeccionamiento en el Ejercicio de la Profesión. Francisco Liñán’.

The dean course of the Spanish Property Administrators Associations was held in Estepona. Specifically, at the Elba Estepona Gran Hotel Thalasso & Spa 5* (Carretera N-340 km 151 towards Estepona). There, experts from the sector gathered to resolve concerns and share experiences with the attendees. The XXXI Francisco Liñán Course will begin with the lecture ‘Voting: Simple majority, qualified majorities and unanimity’, given by Francisco González Palma, legal advisor to the CAF Málaga.

The second subject dealt with was the ‘Reservation contract, deposit contract, purchase contract, rental contract with option to purchase’. Mrs. María Isabel Gómez Bermúdez, magistrate of the 5th Section of the Provincial Court of Malaga, gave a talk on the subject.

After this first day of training, the day ended with a dinner at Cortijo de Cortés, located in Benahavís.

The following morning, the training was resumed with the lecture ‘The criminal liability of the Property Administrator in the development of his profession’. Mr. Pedro Molero Gómez, president of the 8th Section of the Provincial Court of Malaga, who went in depth into this relevant issue.

Subsequently, María Hernández, head of Canal AA.FF. Endesa, spoke about the ‘Installation of Photovoltaic. Recharging Points. Tariff and savings formula in CCPP’.

The last lecture of the XXXI Francisco Liñán Course dealt with marketing and cross-selling. In addition, a farewell cocktail lunch was offered to end the course with a pleasant evening among colleagues. These were very enriching days that improved the relationship between professionals in the Property Management sector, while at the same time broadening our knowledge and experience.